Your vision starts to clear. Everything is bright and hurts your eyes as you can almost make out shapes. There is a buzzing in your ears that changes pitch until it slowly clears into speech. You know those sounds but it’s a few minutes before they sharpen into words you can process. Blinking, you now make out that you are in a large amphitheater surrounded by thousands in the the seats and facing 8 robed figures in front of you. Well armed guards surround the perimeter while an official looking man reads from a parchment in front of you.

”... and so, being found guilty by the Council for the murder of the most esteemed Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun, those before us are sentenced to a prison term of no less then the rest of their natural lives. ”

As you’re being dragged away in chains it dawns on you… you don’t even remember your own name!

Waterdeep's Most Wrongfully Accused

Chanceiv Kamenos